Friday, August 12, 2016

Software architecture. Connecting people

"Nokia, connecting people"
May seem unknown for millennials, but that was a slogan of my first mobile phone company. :)

Communication is vital for every project even for small one. Actually, weak communication is one of a major reasons of project failure, especially when we talk about outsourcing development.

Project's stakeholders have a different vision and concerns about the project, and in most cases, their requirements can not satisfy them all in same time.

Surprisingly, end user is also stakeholder in project. Yes, he also has a requirements to be heard and considered. And the hardest part to build product for people not for a dev team resume.

Software architect's duty is to make balance between stakeholder requirements.

The communication inside of team or company not always helps: despite of specs, clear development process and daily stand-up meetings, development teams maybe still isolated from real users and management strategy. Many aspects are unknown and can not be measured on early stages of planning or development stage, that's why architect's experience so necessary.

Usually management are not IT people, they do not (and shouldn't) understand project's technical details, but they can easily understand System View Diagram or HLD document. Software architecture is common abstract language all project's players can speak.

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